Business Registration

The process of registering your new or existing entity is known as business registration. By registering your business, you will receive a certificate of registration, ensuring that your company is legally protected in the future and that no one would imitate your brand. 

There are a few ways that business registration might benefit your organization. 

  1. Your company will be able to collect funds more easily now that it is registered. 
  2. Business registration allows customers to learn more about your company and its services, which helps to establish a brand name and value in people’s minds. 
  3. Customers would be more likely to trust your company. 
  4. You can take advantage of tax deductions. 
  5. Registering your business will protect you from having to carry out all of the obligations and losses on your own.


Some Government norms to look out for:

  1. There should be a minimum of 2 shareholders.
  2. There should be 2 directors.
  3. At least one director should be an Indian national.
  4. Minimum capital is not required.
  5. The PAN (Personal Identification Number) is a mandatory requirement for Indian citizens.
  6. Applicant’s ID proof
  7. Proof of residence
  8. If the business property is rented, then the rent agreement, copy of the latest electricity/water bill and NOC signed by the owner of that property.
  9. If the business property is owned by either of the directors, then documents proving ownership, such as a Sale Deed or a House Tax Receipt, as well as a no-objection certificate, as required by the rules.