It is a company created to provide business assistance services from starting to managing to winding up.

In terms of the type of services provided we are the same as other service providers but in terms of the way services are provided makes us different from others. Following are some key differences:-

  1. You can avail of the service in the comfort of your home or office.
  2. We have provision for lots of customisation as per your requirement.
  3. Our fees are most commutative without compromising the quality of service.
  4. We try to explain all the processes and possibilities of the outcome before starting the work.

There is no set process if you understand your requirement and relevant fees you can directly pay but we recommend to:

  1. First you have to list out what you want.
  2. Have a discussion with our team regarding your requirements.
  3. We will give our opinion on what is suitable as per our understanding.
  4. Understand and re-evaluate whether our recommendation meets your requirements.
  5. If you are satisfied then pay for the service for which you have opted.
  6. Provide documents as required by our team.
  7. We might call you if there is an additional document or requirement.
  8. As soon we are ready with the deliverable we will provide you with all the documents.

We try our best that if we take any service we complete that but sometimes it is not completed due to some reasons like:

  1. Documents provided are not complete or mismatched or there is some error which can not be processed.
  2. If there is a delay in providing documents then sometimes on the last day of the due date server is not operational because of a heavy load.
  3. In a few services like trademark there is possible rejection from the government department but charges have to be paid for each application whether accepted or rejected.

For above all cases we will not be able to refund the money because we have worked hard for the same but situations were out of our control. 

But there are some cases like:

  1. For some services there may be a requirement of physically present for which we are unable to do. So if possible we will recommend any consultant in the local area and refund the money relevant to the service.
  2. There might be services which are our of our preview or services which we are unable to provide due to other constraints we will refund you fees relevant to the service.
  3. Due to regular changes in the government policy few services do not remain viable or feasible to provide so we will discuss the same with you if not possible to provide services then will refund the relevant unprovided service.

Following are a few reasons on the basis of which we try to build our trust among you:

  1. We have certified professionals some of us are CA, CS or lawyers etc. So we have worked very hard to reach where we are and we would not like to risk the same for any amount of money.
  2. Our earnings are not on the basis of one-time service. We earn if we provide continuous services and add regular clients to our portfolio.
  3. Single transaction value is small and the cost of acquisition of any client is very high so we prefer that you stay with us and we can continue to provide services for which we have to maintain the high quality of service.
  4. QERT is our business model:
    • Quality in service provided that you did not miss any legal edge.
    • The economical solution so that you don’t have to worry about your legal cost.
    • Relation by providing solutions as required by you so you can have as customisation as possible.
    • Trust between us that we are in this together so that we can grow together.

For one time service if you do not want to continue with our service then we will return the document sent to us. And if possible without compromising our service quality we will provide you with any part processed document if any.

For continuous service, we will hand over the last updated data and documents with us.

No, we only keep data which is required for providing further services. We will provide data at regular intervals to you, so you have to keep data back up at your end also for avoid any loss of data.

Following is the structure of our fees:


  • Fees for our hard work
  • Common expenses which are common for all India
  • Minimum government fees


Does not includes:

  • Any special charges on special cases or circumstances
  • If any state has additional charges on any service
  • Penalty or interest
  • Variables charges which are on the basis of the case to case
  • Tax dues
  • Fees for any other service, the requirement for which arises in between providing the main service.

We will provide you with a link or guide you to make payment for the government fees or tax dues.

It is also possible that we can pay on behalf of you but you have to bear processing fees for the same which is 5% and advance payment of the tax dues.

You are very valuable to us and we understand that sometimes finances are tight in business but we also have to pay any government fees and out of pocket expenses in advance so we only process in after receipt of full payment.

We recommend that:

  • For monthly/Quarterly filling you send documents at least 5-6 days before the due date.
  • And for Annual filling, you send a document at least 15 days before.


So that we can avoid:

  • last day uncertainty
  • last day possible server down
  • and correct any error or omission