Company Annual Filing

ROC filing of
  • AOC 4
  • MGT 7
  • Director KYC of 2 directors
For AOC 4
  • Audited P&L
  • Audited Balance sheet
  • AGM Details required in the form
For MGT 7
  • Details of share or securities and changes in them
  • List of shareholder and Debenture holder
  • All basic details required in the form
  • MGT 8 – (if applicable)
Director KYC 3 KYC
  • Basic Detail of Director – DOB, Gender, Citizenship
  • PAN
  • ID proof – Adhar Card
  • Address proof
  • Contact detail the mobile number and email ID

About Company Annual Filing

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Note – Charges are based on minimum government fees or structure state-wise. If there are additional services or extra government fees, then the same has to be borne by the service receiver.

5,999.00 Excl. of GST


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Frequently Asked Questions about Company Annual Filing

Q1. What is the annual filling in ROC?

As Ministry of corporate affairs monitors all the company’s details. We are required to submit year around transactions and details to the ministry via the MCA site. These include your financial statements and other details.

Q2. What kind of documents are regularly required to be filled by the companies to ROC?

There are many documents that are required to be filled with ROC but many are on particular event-based and few are on the type of company basis but mostly following forms are needed to file regularly.

DIR 3 KYC KYC of Directors / Partners 30.09.2021
AOC 4 The last possible date is 29.10.2021 (Within 30 days of AGM) Form for filing Financial Statements
MGT 7 The last possible date is 28.11.2021 (Within 60 days of AGM) Annual Return regarding all basic details
Q3. What is the penalty for not filling MGT 7 or AOC 4?

The penalty of INR 100 per day from the due date of filling MGT 7 or AOC 4.

Q4. What is AOC 4 and Why is required?

Every company has to file an audited financial statement to MCA in form AOC 4. It contains details related to financial statements and audited statements are also attached with the form.

Q5. What is the purpose of MGT 7?

To increase transparency in companies. Every type of detail which can impact the company in a major way needed to be reported so that shareholders’ stakes can be more secured.

Q6. What kind of information is updated in MGT 7?

Following are details which are submitted in MGT 7:

  • Details of shares, Debenture and other securities.
  • Details of a subsidiary or holding company.
  • Detail of key people like directors, Promotor, key managerial person and any changes in them and their remuneration.
  • Any type of penalty or punishment imposed on the company or its key managerial person.
  • Its address or principal business activity or any change in that.
  • Details of board or shareholders meeting with attendance.
Q7. Is MGT 7 required to be attested by the company secretary?

For a small company, it is not required to be signed by CS. And for all other companies, it is required.

Q8. What are MGT 7A and AOC 4A?

For small companies and one-person companies, MCA has reduced the requirement to be submitted by introducing MGT 7A and AOC 4A.

Q9. What is the meaning of Director KYC?

Every director who has DIN as of 31st March has to file a few details and verify his PAN and Adhar at ROC on or before 30 Sep.

Q10. What happens if I do not file my Director KYC?

Your DIN will be deactivated till you file your DIR KYC.

Q11. What is the penalty for delaying Director KYC?

An amount of 5000/- has to be filled before your DIN can be activated with DIR KYC.

Q12. Which company is a small company?

Any company whose turnover is less than INR 20 Crore and paid-up capital is less than INR 2 Crore is a small company.

Q13. What are the charges for DIR KYC?

It is included in ROC filling package if it is up to 2 Directors and for any additional director it will be 700/-.

Q14. What are other forms and filings required by companies to report to MCA?

Major fillings are as below:

S# Form Details Due dates
1 MSME 1 Any company whose supplier is an MSME registered organisation and the due amount is for more than 45 days then the company has to fill MSME 1 Form, half-yearly to MCA within 30 days of half-year completion 30 April 2021 and 31 October 2021
2 DPT 3 Return of Deposits – To safeguard the interest of creditors and depositors MCA required the company to furnish any outstanding receipt of money or loan other than their deposit. 30.06.2021
3 FLA Annual Return regarding any Foreign investment received or made has to be filled to RBI. 15.07.2021
4 MGT 14 To be filed by the companies after passing any board resolution, special or ordinary resolution  (On the occurrence of  any event) Within 30 Days of Passing of  Resolution
5 PAS 6 To be filed by an unlisted public company for reconciliation of share capital audit report. To report any changes in share capital on a half-yearly basis 30 May (For half-year ending on 31st March) 29 Nov (For half-year ending on 30th September)
6 ADT 1 Notice to the registrar for the Appointment of Auditor 14.10.2021 (Within 15 days of AGM)

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