Director Appoint/Resign

  • Filling DIR 12 with ROC
  • Basic Details of director
  • Copy of Board Resolution
  • Copy of notice of resignation

About Director Appoint/Resign

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Frequently Asked Questions about Director Appoint/Resign

Q1. How can a Director resign from a company?
  • First check for any contract or bond or contract between company and director, if any.
  • As the requirement as per contract met then-director can give notice in writing to company.
  • A board meeting will be held to accept the resignation letter bypassing the board resolution and authorised CS or CA to file the same with ROC.
  • Within 30 days from the date of receipt of notice CS or CA will file DIR 12 with ROC with board resolution.
  • Make necessary entries in the Register of Directors.
  • Post about the resignation on the company website and in the Board report.
Q2. IF the company is listed then is there any additional requirement?

Yes, If the company is listed then the detail of resignation has to be submitted to SEBI within 24 hours of the board meeting and if the Independent director is resigning then a detailed report about reasons has to submitted to SEBI within 7 days of the board meeting.

Q3. Does Director have to file any document to ROC?

It is optional for the director to file DIR 11 to ROC after resigning from the company.

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