Director Registration

  • DSC
  • DIN
  • Fulfilment of ROC requirements
  • Photo
  • Address proof
  • ID proof
  • PAN Card
  • Specimen signature
  • Verification of details

About Director Registration

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Note – Charges are based on minimum government fees or structure state-wise. If there are additional services or extra government fees, then the same has to be borne by the service receiver.

3,499.00 Excl. of GST


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Frequently Asked Questions about Director Registration

Q1. Who is a director and what is his role in the company?

Directors are basically representatives of shareholders in the company. Their role is controlling and managing the affairs of the company.

Q2. Who appoint the directors?

Generally, shareholders appoint the directors.

Q3. Who can be a director?

Only an individual can be a director. A firm/ company or organisation can not be a director.

Q4. How many directors can be in a company?

There can be a maximum of 15 Directors in a company. And a minimum number of directors in a public ltd company is 3 directors, In the one-person company is 1 director and in private ltd company is 2 directors.

Q5. What is DIN?

DIN is an acronym of Director Identification Number. Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) issues a unique 8 digit number to an individual who wants to become a director in a company or in multiple companies.

Q7. In how many companies can a person be a director?

A person can be a director in a maximum of 20 companies including public/private/OPC/ Nidhi company etc. But a person can not be a director in more than 10 public companies.

Q8. How to get DIN?

There are two processes of getting DIN:

  • In case of a new company – apply at the time of incorporation of the company through the SPICe form.
  • For appointed at any existing company person has to file DIR – 3 for applying DIN with a resolution passed in the EGM.
Q9. How to make any changes in DIN?

By filling in changes in DIR-6, you can apply for changes in DIN.

Q10. Can DIN be surrendered or cancelled?

DIN can be cancelled by the government in the following situations:

  • Death of Director
  • A person is declared of unsound mind
  • Duplicated DIN has been issued
  • DIN is acquired by fraudulent means

And another person can also apply for cancelling the DIN by DIR 5, but only if he has not become the director in any company or not filled any document with authority using his DIN.

Q11. I was a director in a company but now I am not. So can I surrender my DIN?

No, once you become a director in a company your DIN become permanent even you are no more a director in any company your DIN will stay with you forever.

Q12. What to do after getting the DIN?

Within 30 days of receipt of DIN, you have to intimate all companies in which you are a director about your DIN and Company has to intimate ROC about DIN within 15 days from the day of the company getting intimation of DIN.

Q13. What is the process of adding a director to a company?

Follow the process of registering a new director:

  • Get all documents ready for proposed directors including Consent, DIN, DSC
  • Hold EGM – Extraordinary general meeting
  • Issue letter of appointment
  • Within 30 days of appointment File form DIR 12 to ROC for appointing new Director
  • Make changes in the register of the Director including any holdings if any.
  • Apply for changes in other statuary requirements e.g. GST, IT etc.
Q14. How long does it take to get the director registered?

After completion of the documents, it takes approx 7 days for the director’s appointment.

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