Drafting Agreement

  • Drafting of agreement
Incorporation Partnership Firm
  • Name of partner
  • ID of partner
  • Address of Firm
  • Terms and conditions for deed

About Drafting Agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions about Drafting Agreement

Q1. What is a Partnership firm?

It is a business firm created by a contract between two or more people. A person can be an individual or a company or any other organisation.

Q2. How partnership firm is created?

A contract or deed is signed between all the partners on stamp paper. And same can be registered with the registrar of the firm.

Q3. What is written in the partnership deed?

Normally partnership deed has 3 parts:

  • Complete the names and addresses of all the partners.
  • Terms and conditions for partnership e.g. profit sharing, involvement, interest, remuneration etc.
  • Sign and approved by all the partners and 2 witnesses. And same has to be notarized.
  • Further, it needed to be registered with the registrar of the firm.
Q4. What is the benefit of registering a partnership firm or is it compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory to register your partnership deed at the local registrar of the firm. But it is recommended to do so because it has more legal bounding.

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