DSC for Company/LLP

  • Class 3 DSC with Token
  • GST Certificate
  • Proof of Authorized signatory
  • ID proof of Signatory
  • PAN Card of organization
  • PAN Card of the signatory
  • Self-declaration on video on the link provided

About DSC for Company/LLP

Get your private limited company incorporated with a very convenient process and get help from experts in the comfortable environment of your home or office.

Note – Charges are based on minimum government fees or structure state-wise. If there are additional services or extra government fees, then the same has to be borne by the service receiver.


1,999.00 Excl. of GST


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Frequently Asked Questions about DSC for Company/LLP

Q1.What is meant by DSC?

DSC is an abbreviation of Digital Signature Certificate.

Q2. Does DSC have any legal empowerment?

Yes DSC is allowed by “The Information Technology Act, 2000 ” to use Digital Signatures on certain documents.

Q3. What is meant by DSC signed document? And why is it used?

The signatures meant the security and authenticity of documents in electric form.

  • Security – Once a document like pdf is digitally signed then there can not be any alteration. So it ensures data’s integrity.
  • Authenticity – A unique private key(digital file) is provided to individuals for DSC which can be used to sign the document.
  • Privacy – There are DSC that can be used for the encryption of data.
  • Bulk Signing – The organization can use some DSC for bulk signing the documents.
Q4. Who can get DSC?

An individual, Company, Foreign person.

Q5. Where DSC can be used?

DSC is used in GST, MCA, Government Tender, Income Tax etc.

Q6. Who issue DSC?

There is a total of eight authorized Certification Agencies, Who can issue DSC.

Q7. Is DSC permanent?

No, You have to renew them periodically (yearly or 2 years).

Q8. Can anyone else use your DSC?

A person can use the digital signature that has been issued to him. It is a criminal offence to use somebody else’s Digital Signature.

Q9. What is mean by token/ dongle in DSC?

It is a specific USB crypto drive that is used for storing private keys (for DSC) and signing a digital document. It looks like a pen drive but it is totally different.

Q10. How Do you sign a pdf with DSC?

Follow these steps:

  • Connect the USB Token.
  • Open pdf document using any pdf reader.
  • In the case of Acrobat reader Go to – Tools > Certificates > Digitally Sign.
  • Click on “Digitally Sign” and drag to the area where you want the digital signature.
  • You will be taken to the next step of the signing process.
  • Select your certificate > Continue > Sign
  • Save the pdf
  • Provide USB Token Password
Q11. What is meant by a class 3 certificate?

Government issue different security slandered for DSC. Class 3 is currently the most secured type of DSC. Currently, it is also the most common used DSC.

Q12. What is the process of getting a DSC Certificate?
  • Make payment after understanding your requirements and process.
  • Provide Documents
  • A link will be provided to you on which you have to confirm the following detail on a video call. Such as your Name, Address, Father Name, Contact number, Email ID, PAN Card, Adhar card number with original ID.
  • Receive your DSC certificate.

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