• Consultation for Trademark
  • Assistance in search and help in deciding the class.
  • File the Application
  • Fees for the trademark
  • Department Objection reply
  • Applicant name
  • Business type
  • Brand/logo/slogan
  • Address of registration
  • Identification proof of signatory
  • Address proof of signatory
  • Business proof
  • Udyog aadhar if available
  • Any additional documents as required

About Trademark

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Note – Charges are based on minimum government fees or structure state-wise. If there are additional services or extra government fees, then the same has to be borne by the service receiver.

7,500.0011,500.00 Excl. of GST


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Frequently Asked Questions about Trademark

Q1. What is Trademark?

Trademark refers to a sign, phrase, word or symbol which denotes a specific product and legally differentiates it from all other products in the market.

Q2. What can we register as a Trademark?
  • Product name
  • Company name
  • A personal name or your surname
  • Abbreviations
  • Logo or symbol
  • The tagline for your brand
Q3. How Do you get a Trademark?

You apply it in the Indian patent office and if everything goes well they issue you exclusivity related to your trademark.

Q4. How do you know if something is trademarked?

If there is a “TM” sign then – Someone has applied for a Trademark

If there is a “®” sign then – Trademark is registered with the IP office

Q5. Can I use a Trademark without registering?

Yes, you can but until someone else gets it registered and then you have to stop using it or pay them a royalty for using their trademark.

Q6. What are the benefits of registering your trademark?
  • It helps your customer in identifying your product from all others in the market,
  • No other person can use this trademark without your approval,
  • It creates brand and brand value for your products and services,
  • It gives legal protection to your brand,
  • It helps you to protect against fraud and counterfeiting,
  • ® is the sign of a registered trademark which you can use with your trademark after it is registered in the Indian Patent Office.
Q7. What is the process of registering a Trademark?
  • Trademark research Our experts will do a search in the trademark database regarding your trademark and the class (industry/segment). It is to check whether the mark, which you want to register is not in conflict with any other registered Trademark.
  • Collection of documents and class selection The IP office has separated different types of products and services into separate classes. So you have to select the specific class that represents a category of your product or service. Our experts will guide you in selecting the class for your business to cover all aspects of your business. Further, you can start providing the required documents for trademark registration.
  • Fill out the trademark application form – After your document submission, our team will verify them along with your application form. Our team will ensure that your application is accurate or error-free before submitting it to IP Office.

Note – After application submission, you can now start using the symbol “TM”.

  • Trademark objection:

If the examiner from IP Office has:

    • any questions regarding your application,
    • or he thinks that your trademark is not unique or has a common word or offence general public or their sentiments.

He will send you a trademark objection notice. We need to respond within 30 days. Our experts with your help will submit the proper reply with proofs and documents.

  • Trademark opposition:

After 30 days of application, your trademark will be published in Trademark Journal. Within the next 4 months, any person who feels that your trademark is not unique or common with any other Trademark can oppose it in the IP office. If an opposition is filled then we have to submit a counter-statement to the registrar within two months. On the bases of our counter-statement, the registrar will dismiss the opposition or call for a hearing. In case of a hearing, both parties will be present in the IP office and provide their statement and counter statements. And on the basis of which IP office will either dismiss opposition or our application.

  • Appeal – If any party is not satisfied with the IP office judgment then he can appeal to the appellate tribunal.
  • If there is no opposition 4 months after publishing in the journal or we have provided sufficient statements so that the IP office has dismissed opposition then our trademark will get registered.
Q8. Why VyaparBuddy?
  • Get good guidance from end to end of this process from our IP experts.
  • Your burden will reduce as all the forms and applications are filled by our experts and submitted on your behalf.
  • You can share your document online with us without going anywhere.
  • All the data and your work are kept secure by us.
  • Our team will be available for your queries.

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